This week, a major controversy was struck upon the fashion world when iconic house Gucci was forced to apologize for a "blackface" sweater on their shelves. It's not the first time that a luxury fashion brand has used controversial imagery in their products and attempted to get away with it. While blackface may not have been the intention for Alessandro Michele's brand, many celebrities have been calling for a Gucci boycott, even after the item was pulled from their shop. Now, T.I. is following up by calling out two other major labels for their use of questionable imagery in their clothing.

Both Prada and Moncler are under attack from the King of the South. Tip was clear that he would not be spending a dollar with either designer anymore after stumbling upon older models from both brands. With Prada, it was a keychain that struck the rapper as racist and, to be completely honest, he's not missing the mark at all. He then attacked Moncler by reposting a photo of one of their jackets, writing, "Is y’all out y’all raggedy ass minds!?!"

T.I. hasn't been alone in this battle. Soulja Boy threw away his Gucci headband and replaced it with Fendi. Spike Lee has also spoken out about the controversy, singling out Prada and Gucci with the following message: "It's Obvious To Da Peoples That They Don't Have A Clue When It Comes To Racist, Blackface Hateful Imagery." What do you think of all this?