It looks like Young Thug dropped some serious cash this past weekend at the Chanel store. YSL Records shared a clip on their IG of Thugger buying a few different designer bags, while showing off insane amounts of cash.

Thugger, who was hiding behind his money-fan, could hardly hold all his cash, with stacks falling out his pocket and hands. It looked like he was checking out at the Chanel store, based on the bag the employee was holding. Thugger’s antics even brought a smile to the cashier, who started laughing when he couldn't hold all the cash and it began just falling on the floor. Better yet, his song “I Bought Her” with Lil Duke appropriately played in the background as well, making for a pretty sick clip, which you can check out for yourself (below). Must be nice to drop stacks of cash like that and not sweat it.

In other news, Thug just renamed his upcoming tour “Justin Bieber BIG,” and unveiled its merchandise. If you missed it, check all that out right here and we’ll continue to keep you posted moving forward.