Brooklyn rapper Young M.A has been open about her sexuality throughout career, standing strong as one of the only representatives of the LGBTQ+ community in hip-hop. Although she claims to no longer identify as a lesbian -- "We don't do no labels. I just wouldn't date a guy," she previously said --  the star is known for pushing the boundaries of what has notoriously been shunned in rap. 

During a recent Instagram Live session, which saw famous faces like Queen Latifah join in, Young M.A was having some fun and playing some variation of dress-up after finding a stray eyelash in her room. She glued it onto her upper lip and pretended as though it were half of a mustache before moving it to her chin and wearing it as a goatee. She seemingly liked the look.

Young M.A beard
Paras Griffin/Getty Images 

"This a whole beard, bro," she said before blurting out some Spanish and pretending to be a bigshot cocaine dealer. 

The Brooklynite was the life of the party, eliciting laughter from her female friend in the room and continuing the charade for a minute.

There have been inaccurate reports floating around that Young M.A started taking hormones and grew this out herself but it's obvious from the video that she's just having fun and playing around with an eyelash.

Check it out below.