If you recall, Young Dro was arrested back in July after he got into an argument with his girlfriend and attacked her with pudding. Yes, like actual chocolate pudding. His girlfriend didn't want to press charges, but the police arrested the ATL rapper anyways. Well as a result of this incident, Dro is reportedly having to serve some jail time, but it’s not as bad as it sounds.

TMZ reports that Young Dro pled guilty last week to 1 count of battery/family violence. He was immediately sentenced to 12 months behind bars, but was only ordered to serve 70 days. And the good news is that 20 of those days are already credited. Plus, Fulton County Court official say he'll get an extra day of credit for each day served on good behavior. So based on that, Dro could be getting out in early October if all goes smoothly.

Unfortunately, he’ll have to stay on probation for the remaining of the 12-month sentence. As part of his plea, Dro’s going to have to submit to a drug/alcohol evaluation within 30 days of his release from jail too.

He's also been ordered to undergo domestic violence counseling, and cannot drink or take drugs while on probation. He'll also have to take random drug tests and forfeit all weapons. Let’s hope he cooperates and gets home soon.

Check out his latest mugshot (below).