We've been keeping you (extremely) updated on Young Dolph, as the 32-year old Memphis rapper was shot in Hollywood yesterday. Since the initial report of the shooting, which took place at the Hollywood and Highland intersection, we've received an update on his current state of being-- just that he was in critical, but stable condition-- as well as updates on the purported, or suspected shooters.

Shortly after news broke of the shooting, a report surfaced that counted Yo Gotti as a possible suspect. Elsewhere, reports surfaced claiming that Yo Gotti's crew and Dolph's crew were actively beefing outside the Loews Hollywood Hotel, which eventually spilled over into a physical fight, and later, into gunfire. Even so, some of these rumors have been debunked, at least until more evidence surfaces (or otherwise), by LA Detective Megan Aguilar. Aguilar states the information calling Gotti a suspect is inaccurate, and that there is no evidence yet that the shooter is connected to Gotti's camp. We do know, whatever the case, that the rapper was embroiled in an argument with three men, and when he fell to the ground amid the argument, one of the men shot him several times-- all three then proceeded to flee, two on foot, and one in gold Cadillac Escalade.

Aguilar also confirmed the police have arrested one suspect, Corey McClendon, in connection to the shooting, and that he's been booked on suspicion of attempted murder. McClendon was apparently near the location of the shooting when he was arrested, and he's sitting in a holding cell while his bail has been set for $1 million. 

In another update concerning Dolph's current physical health, it's been revealed that the rapper actually underwent surgery last night. The bullets reportedly went in his arm and another in his butt, it's unclear/unconfirmed if there were other entry points at this time.

It's likely still a bit of long road until Dolph has recovered completely, but we'll be sharing updates on his condition as they arrive. Check out some of the well wishes from Dolph's colleagues below, we're sending him positive vibes as well.