Earlier today, news broke out that Young Dolph was shot in Hollywood. While it was unsure who shot Young Dolph at the time, police are now beginning to find people of interest that were involved. TMZ is reporting that Yo Gotti is currently on that list.

In a report from TMZ, they say that Yo Gotti is currently on the LAPD's radar as a person of interest in Young Dolph's shooting. Their sources say that Gotti and Dolph were both staying at the same hotel in Hollywood earlier today. During their stay at The Loews Hotel, their crews got into a bit of a kerfuffle. A little while after that, shots were fired and Young Dolph was ultimately hit. They're also reporting that witnesses have claimed Yo Gotti's involvement in the shooting. While Young Dolph faced multiple bullet wounds, it's reported that none of them are life threatening. However, the shooting is an indication of a long-standing beef between both Young Dolph and Yo Gotti.

Gotti and Dolph have had a pretty public feud over the past few years. Their beef allegedly stems back to 2014 when Gotti attempted to sign Young Dolph. While Dolph turned down the deal, he later claimed that Gotti took offense to the rejection, hence why they have issues with each other. He later began sending shots at Gotti through social media and diss tracks. However, Gotti stayed quiet throughout. Their beef stayed relatively non-violent for the most part until earlier this year when Dolph dropped a diss song towards Yo Gotti. Dolph's vehicle was shot up a day later. Blac Youngsta, Yo Gotti's artist, faced accusations of shooting at Dolph's SUV over a hundred times. Shortly after those accusations surfaced, Blac Youngsta turned himself in.

Since the shooting earlier this year, it seemed that the beef simmered down. Young Dolph even referred to the beef as "old news" in an interview. Regardless, we pray Young Dolph has a speedy recovery.