It was a scary day in Hollywood yesterday for Memphis rapper Young Dolph, who was rushed to the hospital yesterday (September 26th) afternoon after being shot multiple times in the torso. According to an update from a Fox News outlet in Los Angeles, Dolph is in critical but stable condition and will reportedly survive the injuries that he has sustained. His family and friends can breathe a collective sigh of relief with this news.

According to an update published by XXL, the L.A. County Sheriff's Office said that the crime scene was dismantled a little after 7:30 p.m. PDT. This basically means that homicide investigators won’t be needed going forward because nobody lost their life. As we reported yesterday, Dolph was shot while located outside of the Shoe Palace, in the well-known Hollywood and Highland intersection. He took multiple shots to his upper body area, although the exact points where the bullets hit him is unknown at this time. Thankfully, there were officers nearby and they responded to the disturbance immediately. 

The shooting allegedly stemmed from an argument that erupted between members of Young Dolph’s crew and rival rapper Yo Gotti’s crew. “They had an argument, which escalated to a physical fight,” added LAPD Officer Meghan Aguilar. “At one point, Young Dolph was knocked to the ground. And then one of the suspects pulled out a handgun and began shooting at him.” Whomever assaulted Dolph took off after the shots were fired.

In an interesting twist after the fact, veteran rapper Yo Gotti has also been placed on the LAPD's radar as a possible person on interest in connection with the incident. Sources say that Gotti and Dolph were both staying in the same Hollywood hotel and, during their stay, tensions flared between members of the rival crews. There are also witnesses have claimed Yo Gotti was involved in the shooting. The two rapper have a history of feuding, stretching back to 2014 when Gotti attempted to sign Young Dolph, who promptly turned down the deal. Dolph later revealed that Gotti took the snub personally, however the beef stayed relatively non-violent until earlier this year, when Dolph had some diss lyrics directoed towards Gotti in a single he released online. Not coincidentally, Dolph's vehicle was the target of a shooting the next day. Blac Youngsta, who is one of Yo Gotti's talents, faced accusations that he was the one who took the shots and eventually turned himself in.