With an album titled Bulletproof on the way a mere two weeks after surviving a shooting in Charlotte, Young Dolph has caught the attention of police. NBC Charlotte reports the authorities expect arrests will be made in connection with the incident.

“I am fully confident in some sort of progress that we can share with you shortly,” said Deputy Chief Jeff Estes.

Yet, with titles like, "100 shots," "In Charlotte," and "But I’m Bulletproof," police have become wary the Memphis rapper might be taunting "potential victims."

One hundred shots were fired at the rapper's bulletproof SUV. Though no one was injured, some errant bullets hit inside homes making holes in windows, walls and furniture. 

The incident happened a half hour before the final game of the CIAA basketball tournament. Young Dolph left his car unscathed and performed at an unofficial turn up for the tournament. Though police haven't confirmed whether they're investigating any suspects, some Charlotte DJs have opined that the shooting was a publicity stunt.