YNW Melly (and his entire family) are confident that the rapper will be coming home from jail soon. For the last twelve months, the rising Florida figure has been locked up for the alleged double murder of his two friends. We have received several updates regarding YNW Melly, who released a new album from behind bars a few months ago. The artist definitely isn't having any trouble writing new material, writing tons of melodies and lyrics in his free time and even pitching some ideas to his peers. In a new video shared by Future, it appears as though the two are already working on a potential collaboration for when Melly gets out of jail, should that even happen.

Posting a portion of their phone call last night, Future sat in his chauffeured Rolls-Royce and listened to the sweet sounds of YNW Melly singing in his ear. Discussing the new music that the 20-year-old has been working on, Future asked to hear some bars from a song Melly wrote where he references all the money he's blown on his lawyer. Hendrix sits back and smiles as he listens to the young man reciting the hook, clearly excited about what he can lay down on the track. Whatever they end up working on, it looks like Melly and Future are going to be hitting us with some vibes once the former has access to a recording studio.

Are you on the "Free Melly" train or do you think he should get hard time?