This week's FIRE EMOJI playlist comes to you vetted for quality, as per the usual. Unlike in past seminars, the current edition of the playlist boasts a high number of sleeper picks, ranging from Kentucky-born Vory's "You Got It" to Tierra Whack, whose contribution "Unemployed" serves too many functions to count - for one, it addresses a host topical issues in an unassuming manner, under the banner of her #whackhistorymonth tagline.

Vory's story is a whole lot different. In fact, the general public likely remembers his presence on Bryson Tiller's "Don't," but with the trap soul identifier taking some time for himself, Vory would suffer a period of stagnation, only to revive all interest in his music several years later.

The real flagbearers on this weel's list are Juvenile, GoldLink, and Yelawolf, all within a different breadth of activity. For starters, it was Yelawolf who realistically stole the show by dropping his banner project, his last with Shady Records.

GoldLink's contribution to the playlist, although minute, was significant with respect to its undeniable quality. The song in question isn't even his to plug. That honor belongs to Col3trane, the rising London-bred singer who decided upon himself to pull an "Iggy" and American shores. The final spot on the three-headed Rushmore belongs to Juvenile, credited with carrying an uninspired Birdman back to musical relevance all on his own.

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