The beef you never expected continues to gain traction. After Post Malone responded to Yelawolf's "Bloody Sunday" with a dismissive cry of "Nerd!", Yela took to Instagram to issue his own reply. For the most part, the Trunk Muzik 3 rapper was unimpressed, emphasizing Post's lack of "balls" in the face of lyrical warfare. He even doubles down on his G-Eazy invocations, clearly hoping to goad both parties into a full-fledged beef. 

"Richard look," begins Yela, using Post's given name to invoke maximum paternal effect. "Dad can’t play catch with you right now. maybe your little brother @g_eazy will play with you....or have the balls to actually record a comeback .. thanks for the support asshole." At this point, it would appear that Yela is seeking any opportunity to try his hand at a diss-track, perhaps recognizing the success of his collaborator Eminem recent feud with MGK. 

Unfortunately for Catfish Billy, it doesn't appear likely that Posty will take the bait, outside of a few dismissive tweets. G-Eazy on the other hand may very well slide through. Lest we forget, Young Gerald took to the booth to fend off Machine Gun Kelly. If Yelawolf continues his antagonism, it's possible that G-Eazy will answer the call-to-action, perhaps even landing a Posty chorus for extra "oomph."

Chris McKay/Getty Images