Rappers need to be on alert because it seems as if they're being attacked more while minding their business in the streets. We reported earlier about rapper Skinnyfromthe9 getting assaulted and Adam 22 of No Jumper posting a clip of the altercation on his Twitter page. The violent altercation can be seen on the video as the attacker repeated punches Skinnyfromthe9 inside of a Hibachi restaurant before leaving the scene.


"The dude that hit me is a straight b***h. He came up to me while I was eating at a restaurant by myself with a girl and was like, 'Yo, I know you eatin' right now, but can I take a picture?' I got up, put my arm around him like we was gonna take a picture —like we was posin'— and the dude snuck me," he said. "And then we started wrestlin', and that's what happened. My face is fine. I still f**k b***hes. I still got all my jewelry - the dumbass didn't even get my jewelry. He tried."


Last month, rapper YBN Almighty Jay turned himself over to police after he was accused of robbing Skinnyfromthe9 of cash and jewelry. Jay adamantly denies the claims, but the incident created a division between the two rappers. The blood is apparently still bad between them as Jay hopped on Instagram to laugh at Skinnyfromthe9's reported beatdown.


"I got jumped this n***a got a beating," Jay wrote with eight laughing emojis. Skinny seemed amused as he responded, "He blocked me," adding, "This n***a got stripped his whole ass was on everybody's feed. I went to Texas...They stripped this n***a."