Skinnyfromthe9 is probably more well known for the incidents he's involved in more so than the music he releases. Ever since he began to gain popularity, his name has been in headlines but not necessarily for the right reasons. Most recently, Adam22 of No Jumper recently shared a video of the rapper getting jumped in the middle of a restaurant.

Skinnyfromthe9 got into an altercation at Hibachi's earlier today with the footage from the fight posted to Adam22's Twitter page. The 14-second clip shows the rapper and another man wrestling before the attacker threw the rapper against a wall. The rapper has since issued a statement regarding the attack.

"The dude that hit me is a straight bitch. He came up to me while I was eating at a restaurant by myself with a girl and was like, 'Yo, I know you eatin' right now, but can I take a picture?' I got up, put my arm around him like we was gonna take a picture —like we was posin'— and the dude snuck me," he said. "And then we started wrestlin', and that's what happened. My face is fine. I still fuck bitches. I still got all my jewelry - the dumbass didn't even get my jewelry. He tried."

He continued to throw shots at Adam22 for posting the video and said the guy who attacked him didn't want to squabble up one-on-one.

"Dumbass nigga. He ran outside like a bitch," he added. "He would not fight me one on one. I would beat your ass, Adam, you a whole rat. Shut the fuck up. Skinny Gang. Where I'm from, when you wanna fight somebody, you go up to them and niggas square up. Niggas throw they sh*t up and fight it out. Not no bitch shit, where you go and sneak niggas. That's corny."

Peep his response below.