YBN Almighty Jay is dealing with some serious allegations. The rapper was accused of robbing Skinnyfromthe9 last week, although he vehemently denies these allegations. Despite claiming that he wasn't involved in Skinny's robbery, he was spotted earlier today turning himself into authorities.

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

TMZ caught YBN Almighty Jay walking into LAPD a week after police named him a suspect in Skinnyfromthe9's robbery. The rapper was named a suspect for felony grand theft after Skinnyfromthe9 was robbed of his chain, Rolex and money. YBN Almighty Jay made it clear that he wasn't involved with the crime at all. After the cameraman asked him if turning himself into police was an admission of guilt, YBN Almighty Jay said, "Hell no, I'm not guilty. I didn't do nothing! I didn't do shit!"

YBN Almighty Jay was reportedly in Chatsworth, CA last week with Skinnyfromthe9 when he and his crew allegedly took off with tons of cash and jewelry. YBN and Skinny were both filming a music video last week when YBN and his crew allegedly ran off with $40k chain, $20k Rolex and $20k cash that were being used as props for the music video. They reportedly took off with the items after the last take of the music video. 

In the footage, a few men approach Skinny's vehicle where YBN Almighty Jay was standing next to who ended up jacking the items. According to the gossip website, YBN Almighty Jay will likely be book for grand theft.