The most famous of Youngboy Never Broke Again's romantic exploits, Yaya Mayweather, has never been one to shut her mouth about what people say about her. She reads all the headlines and almost always reacts to them on social media. 

With their rocky relationship being in the spotlight, most recently because of pregnancy rumors, Yaya Mayweather decided to give people an update on how things are going with her rapper boyfriend.

Quoting a post from the beginning of this year, Yaya said that she's still getting dragged just for accepting a man, even with all of his flaws out for the world to see. 

"Ain’t shit changed," she wrote, sharing her old tweet, which says, "I get judged for fully accepting a person for who he is and loving him unconditionally flaws and all."

For the entirety of YB and Yaya's less-than-two-year romance, their problems have been placed under a microscope. The 19-year-old daughter of Floyd Mayweather was arrested for allegedly stabbing the mother of one of Youngboy's kids. She has also been accused by the rapper of busting the tires on his Maybach

It's nice that Yaya accepts Youngboy for who he is but, when so many people are begging her to get out of a relationship that appears to be toxic in its highest form, it may be appropriate for her to take a step back and see things the way the world does.