If you watch NBA YoungBoy's new Instagram story, it may seem pretty clear that the rapper is no longer dating Floyd Mayweather's daughter Iyanna. The Baton Rouge artist stepped outside of his house to show his fans that somebody slashed the tires on his Maybach, dissing whoever the culprit may be. During his rant, he threw a stack of cash at his car and complained about an "old inherited ass bitch." From that insult alone, you would think he's talking about Floyd's daughter, who is pretty much set for life. However, Iyanna denied that she's the one YoungBoy is speaking about in the video.

"STOP DMING ME," wrote Mayweather's daughter. "HE'S NOT TALKING ABOUT ME." You can't blame anybody for jumping to that conclusion. The two have been spotted together in the past and YoungBoy's rant would make sense directed at somebody like Yaya. 

The Louisiana artist was furious as he filmed the clip, warning whoever slashed his tires not to come to his funeral when he dies. Yaya has already cleared her name but YoungBoy appears to have a very good idea of who would pull such a petty move on him. The "inherited" line seems to give that away.

A few days ago, YoungBoy told fans that he would be moving back to Baton Rouge, which confused many of his supporters. It can generally be pretty dangerous to return to your neighborhood once you've officially made it out but YoungBoy has no problem risking his safety to head back home.