Kanye West has really riled everybody up this time as people are coming from out of left field to share their opinions on his comments about slavery and his public backing of Donald Trump. Ye's actions have been so drastic that Frank Ocean has come out of hiding to shade him on Tumblr. If you've done enough to get Frank talking, you know something is up. Another rarely outspoken member of the music community, XXXTentacion recently shared his opinion on the remarks. While he does not directly refer to Kanye by name, his tweet was very clearly in response to the Yeezus rapper's TMZ comments.

In a since-deleted post, X wrote, "Bothers me that everyone is entertaining this conversation about slavery." He elaborated on his remark, clarifying, "It’s almost as if we’re all not grateful for the freedom that we do have, stop idolizing an era you didn’t have to struggle in, & let’s just continue to unite the world regardless of color." X is continuing to spread a message of peace for all, maintaining his efforts from his Helping Hand Challenge last year. While it seems unclear whether or not the "Sad!" artist is agreeing with Kanye, his message resonates that we should all focus on the present and worry about how to improve our lives now without dwelling on issues of the past. 

In true fashion, XXXTentacion deleted the post, keeping his page curated with mostly promotion for his ? album. He has stated that he is almost finished his next album, Skins, noting that the album is 10 times better than his previous effort. What do you gather from X's message, if anything?