Florida rapper XXXTentacion has been in the news lately with some amazing headlines and some unfortunate ones. X was recently removed from house arrest and is the current owner of the number 1 album in the United States. He was also the victim of an older video breaking out showing him striking a woman in the face, prompting his prosecutors to review his case. X is trying to focus on the positive aspects of his life, proving to himself and others that he is a changed person after years of working on himself. Now on to bigger and better things, the artist is focusing on his next album that he already believes is better than the current top-charted album in the States.

X's executive producer told us that, when he's in the zone, he is untouchable creatively, proving his versatility on his latest album. Knowing that in order to continue succeeding in the cutthroat music industry you must constantly outdo yourself, XXXTentacion is saying that his next album is worlds ahead of ?. "Next album is 10 times better btw.... way more hypnotizing if you ask me," wrote the rapper on his Instagram story. Having previously hinted at several project titles, including Bad Vibes Forever and Skins, X is known to depart from the status quo in hip-hop, exploring several different genres to fully embrace his own sound.

While a release date has not been announced, we should be alright listening to ? for the next little while. Which direction do you think X should go on his next project?