Few rappers of the 2000s can claim to have the career longevity, impact, and diversity of catalog as Wiz Khalifa. In a story that defies the typical tropes of rap success, Wiz went from a teen chancer hailing from Pittsburg (hardly a megacenter for rap, even after his successes) to a household name with various hit singles and even a Grammy nomination. While Wiz's easy-going and relatable style as well as his love and promotion of smoking weed became integral to his persona and music, his success depended equally on his ability to adapt to many different styles, unabashedly and often with little effort. The average rapper might have one or two tricks under their sleeve after all, but since debuting on the scene in 2005, Wiz has gone through so many different approaches as a rapper, in a way that not many others can do, let alone that their fanbases would allow (!).

We’re taking the time out to go over the fascinating career of Wiz Khalifa, the master of chameleon-like adaptation in rap, and trying to study every move in the Khalifa playbook. From proto-EDM Rap, post-hyphy, trap, pop and beyond, this is a timeline in the musical life of the Taylor Gang OG himself. Scroll through with us.