Wiley's upcoming The Godfather 3 project now has a final deadline penciled in. In the midst of leading a resistance effort against a cast of characters, he condemned as "culture vultures," Wiley has also been busy furthering his The Godfather series in consecutive years. It wouldn't be fair to build up the anticipation for The Godfather 3 upon his beef with Skepta/Dizzee Rascal/Drake, or the viral success of "Boasty," for Wiley is literally a legend in the game, and an active one at that.

Joseph Okpako/WireImage/Getty Images

Whatever you make of it, The Godfather 3 is steamrolling into town in the month September bolstered by the Sean Paul-assisted "Boasty" in no way limited by the massive footprint it achieved several months in advance. Wiley's pronouncement on Instagram is the stamp his fans were seeking in the months that ensued since announcing his intentions for the project. "OUT ON 13.09.2019 #FinalReleaseDate #G3," he wrote on Instagram in a post containing the album's intended cover design on top of the September 13 encircled on his calendar.

Outside of his contentious relationship with the foes I listed up above, Wiley is a pretty genteel character in the UK scene, making his decision to drop material on Friday, the 13th all the more unnerving. Will The Godfather 3 give articles that were marked for death a second life? Does Wiley have a duppy in him? We'll have to wait and see.