When Meek Milldissed 50 Cent on his new track "Gave Em Hope," he probably didn't know the G-Unit boss' response would consist of an array of highly shareable memes, which made the "beef" go viral right away. Many casual onlookers believed 50 roasted Meek solely based off his social media tactics, seeing that he hasn't put out any music since he was dissed on Meek's new EP.

Another rapper, Waka Flocka, has now shared his thoughts on the conflict, and he indeed believes 50 is winning the meme game, Music-wise, though, it's a different story, says the Brick Squad leader.

"Yeah, when it comes to memes, 50 gettin' in that ass like a thong," said Waka in a clip shared by DJ Akademiks. "But that music?" he continued, "That boy Meek flamin'!" 

It's unclear if Waka is referring to "Gave Em Hope" alone or to Meek's music in general. In any case, it seems he is suggesting that while 50 is a social media savage, Meek might have the upper hand when it comes to rapping. 

That's not to say Waka has declared an outright winner, though his statements do beg the question: Are memes a legitimate weapon when it comes to rap beef? 

Yesterday, via Instagram, Meek told 50, "I submit to your memes." Does that mean the beef is over? Well, it wouldn't be a proper rap beef without a record from 50 Cent, though perhaps he's already done enough damage with the memes.