The Game and Blueface's manager Wack 100 is so stubborn that he's really out here offering $100,000 to anybody that may have video footage of him being knocked out last night. The industry executive has been running his mouth for the last month, noting that he doesn't believe Nipsey Hussle can rightfully be considered a legend and offering his reasons why. The controversial take resulted in an alleged physical altercation last night between Wack 100 and J-Roc, Nipsey Hussle's former bodyguard. Video has leaked showing the moment prior to the alleged fight but still, there is no clip that shows Wack actually getting snuffed out. According to him, that's because it never actually went down like that.

Taking to social media, Wack 100 insisted that he never got knocked out, betting big money in case anybody managed to grab a video on their phone camera. "I got 100,000 for anybody that can produce a video of Wack's body ever touching the concrete," wrote the Blueface affiliate. "On Piru I'll run it today."

People in his comments are joking with Wack, claiming they're about to perfect their Photoshop skills to edit a video of him getting knocked out and flooding him with clown emojis. At least that would make for an easy payday. Still, Wack appears to be so confident that he doesn't care if he loses six figures. Do you think this will bite him in the behind?