These days, you don't really hear much about Frank Ocean. He's mostly a legend at this point, in the true sense of the word. Does he actually exist or is he a myth? Who really knows? The man never leaves the house (except during midterm elections) and he sure as hell isn't releasing any new music. He had an appearance on Travis Scott's Astroworld but even that was filled with controversy. Blonded Radio recently made a brief return to being but we're not expecting new episodes any time soon. At times like these, we've got to get creative. How can we partake in new Frank Ocean music? By listening to "Fake Ocean" of course!

You're not the only person that deeply wishes Frank was a little more active in the music industry. Personally, a new album every year would be wonderful but it's a little much to ask from him. One fan has listened to Blond so much that they've absolutely nailed the artist's original song structure. From the wacky pitch shifts in "Nikes" and the random beat changes, Twitter user @LeftAtLondon knows exactly how to create a track that sounds tailormade for the Odd Future crooner. 

They've got this down to a tee as they sing throughout the song, talking in sections just like Frank does. Enjoy the clip below and continue praying for new music from the real Frank Ocean.