Sometimes, I wish Frank Ocean were a little more active online but part of his allure has to do with the fact that he moves in such mysterious ways. The singer has been a recluse for the better part of five years and while we may cross our fingers for news about any upcoming albums or collaborations, he keeps his lips sealed insanely tight. When he chooses to speak out, he usually does so via his Tumblr page, opting for a more creative space than competing forms of social media. Even that's rare though. Today, we managed to get a few stories from Frank Ocean as he, along with a bunch of celebrities, is encouraging people to get out and vote.

Not only did we receive a special episode of the returning Blonded Radio today, but we also have a chance at receiving from free Frank Ocean merch. It's unlikely that the artist will be handing out t-shirts himself as he's probably holed up in his bunker building a staircase or something, but this is just the latest way a musician is urging young people to let their voices be heard. In a new post on Tumblr, Frank asks voters to show up to locations in either Atlanta, Miami, Houston, or Dallas with proof that they exercised their democratic right. Proof constitutes as a photo of yourself at the poll with eligible voters being gifted free Frank Ocean merch. The reason given: "Because God Bless America."

The "Self Control" singer has been more active online today than most days this year. If you're in any of the four cities, follow the instructions below.