To celebrate Valentine's Day, and love in general, we rounded up some of Hip-Hop's hottest couples who are redefining #couplegoals. After all, nothing quite tests a relationship like the stresses of fame and fortune. 

These lucky couples have not only found love, but found someone to build their respective empires with. Many have endured rumours, infidelity, infertility, and even prison sentences all in front of the public eye and still managed to stay in love despite that. 

Through their music and social media these couples have allowed fans to follow their journey of love. Whether it's sharing PDA-filled snaps on Instagram, or leaving rauncy comments under their boo's pictures *ahem, Jhene Aiko*, we love that they allow us to live vicariously through them. Because, it's no secret that these couples set the bar high. 

We have no doubt they will be going all out for their significant other this Valentine's Day. Whether it is hundreds of roses, giants teddy bears, or entire orchestras in the front lobby of their homes, hip-hop couples never disappoint when it comes to expressing their love in the most extra of ways. 

If you're coupled up this Valentine's Day, you're amongst the greats who've found love or are in love in 2018. If you're still single, don't worry-- that just means you have more time to work on yourself before meeting your better half.