Tyler, The Creator and A$AP Rocky have one of the funniest friendships in the music business. They've collaborated countless times and through their work together, they've managed to build one of the longest, goofiest friendships among rappers. The two celebs love to troll one another on social media, teasing each other for various reasons. While they've cooled it on the roasting as of late, Tyler felt like Flacko's brand new GQ spread presented the perfect opportunity to jump back on his neck with some hilarious comments.

After the magazine declared A$AP Rocky the Prettiest Man Alive, the rapper took to Instagram to share some pictures of his shoot with GQ. In the comments, not everybody agreed with the assessment though-- most notably, Tyler, The Creator stepped in to humble his friend, making fun of his shirtless cover.

"Yeah suck that f*cking stomach in you tubby f*ck," teased Tyler. In the picture, Rocky shows off his sculpted stomach, which some fans theorize may have been photoshopped. 

In the interview portion of his spread, A$AP Rocky spoke about his relationship with Rihanna for the first time, calling her the "love of [his] life." He also discussed his plan for releasing new music, revealing that his next album is 90% complete and hinting that it could feature Rihanna and Morrissey.

Check out Tyler's comment about Rocky's physique below.