Tyler, The Creator is not known for his composure, which probably should have raised a red flag before Buzzfeed invited him to hang out at their office today. While it's not clear why he was there, the Twitter accounts of some staff members were able to broadcast just the type of activity that was going on during his visit.

It seems as though Tyler spent much of his time screaming incoherently, liberally using the N-word, making distasteful jokes about Frank Ocean, and shooting random people with a Nerf gun-- so pretty much just an average hour in the rapper's life.

For a recap of the people Tyler was able to offend while in the office, view the staff's tweets below.


[Update: Tyler Responds]

Tyler, The Creator has now been given the chance to tell his side of the story, appearing on HuffPost Live alongside Earl Sweatshirt and a couple of the other Odd Future cohorts.

Tyler argued that he and his friends were simply attempting to bring some color into the dull office environment, bringing nothing but "positive vibes" to the space. He also points out that you can't really have a Nerf gun lying around and get upset when someone shoots it.

He also briefly addressed the visit on Twitter. View both the video and tweets below.