He may have admitted to wrongdoing in the past, but Tristan Thompson is willing to spend whatever is necessary to make sure his name is cleared this time around. The basketball star's relationship with girlfriend Khloé Kardashian has been on the mend over the last two years following the Jordyn Woods scandal, but Thompson has recently been hit with a series of new allegations.

A new woman claims that she's been with him, sexually, while he's been in a relationship with Kardashian, and another woman, Kimberly Alexander, has been consistently calling him out online with claims that he's the father of her son.

We've previously reported on Alexander stating that Thompson fathered her child, but he argues that he took a paternity test and it proved he didn't. According to TMZ, last year, Thompson sued Alexander for libel and now, the sports star has filed court documents asking a judge to issue a default judgment against his accuser to the tune of $100K. It's also reported that Thompson wants Alexander to be held responsible for "additional costs," citing that she "seriously hurt his reputation."

Thompson told the courts that Alexander's allegations have not only disrupted his personal life but his professional one, as well. Because brands believed him to be a problematic athlete, some reportedly decided against working with him. Thompson has previously admitted that he did have a sexual encounter with Alexander, but it was allegedly many years ago before he was even in a relationship with Kardashian.

Alexander responded on Instagram by writing: "Bd you have a whole other scandal out here!!! But I wrecked ur pay!?? 80 mill doesn’t sound like I did[crying laughing emoji] Anyways @khloekardashian Please get ur man to take that second test his team kept denying [pouring tears crying emojis] What’s done in the dark will come to light[praying hands emoji]."

TMZ claims that Thompson's default judgment request was denied because there were "issues" that needed to be fixed. Check out Alexander's post below.