Even though Travis Scott gifted us with a banging new track on Friday - the highly-anticipated "Highest in the Room" - someone still decided to leak a bunch of his music over the weekend. The previously-unreleased songs were posted on streaming services under the name, Zekrom, and bundled together as a project titled, "Astro Universe." This has happened to other artists before, such as Lil Uzi Vert when a whole project was leaked under his real name last year. More recently, Kanye West's potentially-scrapped project, Yandhi, has been plagued by multiple leaks, eventually surfacing on iTunes in the odd form of ringtones. Using an alternate artist name allows the illegal projects to fly under the radar for a bit, but they are inevitably removed once the Internet starts talking about it and record labels catch on. 

"Astro Universe" included 16 songs, one of them being the Lil Uzi Vert-assisted "RaRa" that Travis previously released as a loosie on SoundCloud. Another song featured Offset and Quavo. While the project has been removed from streaming services, some of the leaks are still floating around the Web. 

Considering that Travis split from Kylie Jenner last week and had to deal with rumors circulating that he was unfaithful, a whole album of leaked tracks is a very untimely inconvenience.