Mike Dean and fans interacted last night like true homebodies via satellite fixings. They asked him if Travis Scott's Astroworld would dramatically affect our lives, his answers more forthcoming than trivial. Dean contended that Travis' long anticipated solo album would make us "sh*t our fucking pants." Several allusions were made two weeks ago about the "masters" and their whereabouts, but not until judicious fan pieced together the missing framework, did we have the slightest idea when it would drop.

A fan (Ramirez Palabra) who'd witnessed much of Dean's live session on Instagram, reposted a highlight reel of the exchange. Thanks to Palabra's deduction skills, an August 3rd start date was exhumed and later confirmed by Dean himself when he retweeted the judicious fan. While the retweet is no stamp of authentication, I doubt Dean put his integrity on the line unless he was utmost certain of its runtime. At this crucial stage, Travis' work is done, the features are booked, so all that's left is for Dean to crouch & seize his putter on the back nine.

Astroworld will feature the likes of  Sheck Wes, Allen Ritter, NAV, Sonny Digital, FKi 1st, Amir “Cash” Esmailian, and of course the overseeing eye of Dean himself. Stay peeled for any changes of plans.