There has been a joint Travis Scott and Quavo project rumored to be in the works for some time now. Back in August, we reported on Scott's statement to that effect during one of his shows, where he told fans that not only would he and Quavo be dropping something together, but that Astroworld would be just around the corner as well. Then, about a month later, Quavo confirmed that he and Scott were hard at work in the studio, adding that they had "20 tracks" together, which ratcheted up the anticipation even more within the confines of the hip-hop community. However, since then, there has been radio silence where this mysterious project is concerned, until early this morning that is. According to Quavo's Snapchat video, the collab is still coming and potentially closer than ever to dropping.

In a teaser clip, the Migos rapper showcased a brief snippet of one of the tracks that the duo were working on during a long studio session together. From what can heard in the video, there will be more than enough auto-tuned goodness to satisfy the supporters that each emcee has accumulated so far in their respective careers, with the ultimate goal probably being to bleed into one another's fan base in order to increase their potential reach for their joint album and otherwise. The statement of "be patient" can be take in one of the two ways: either the pair are falling behind their previously determined schedule and are trying to soften the blow for those who wish it weren't taking so long, or they may be fanning the flames of anticipation a little as they make the final touches in studio before dropping that project sooner rather than later. My money's on the latter.

With so much good work to put to both of their names throughout the past couple of years, there's no doubt that expectations will be high for this joint venture. Who's your dream feature alongside Travis Scott and Quavo? Let us know in the comments.