He was just all smiles while hosting a live stream with Justin Bieber and Bryson Tiller, but Tory Lanez is accused of sucker-punching a man. Joshua Benoit took to his Instagram page to share a video of himself engaging in a verbal altercation with Tory Lanez. The singer is heard and seen yelling at Benoit before a punch is thrown.

Tory Lanez Fight
Alberto E. Rodriguez / Staff / Getty Images

"Yo @torylanez you’re going to sucker punch me and run out after? I’m not one to take to social media about things, but I reached out to you many times and this is the only way I can get your attention," Benoit wrote in the caption. "Besides, I already seen this video going around, so It is what it is. I reached out to you to resolve this like men a few times! We live in the same city... get at me. This is the last time I’ll speak on it. If anyone has the full video DM me ASAP!!"

The clip only lasts a few seconds but people have quickly come forward to say that the incident looks staged. Some eagle-eyed viewers say that the hit didn't actually connect to Benoit's face, while others question when this happened since Tory looked as if he didn't have a care in the world while on Live with Bieber and Tiller. Take a look at the video for yourself and let us know if you think it's all cap.