While there may not be a need for Quarantine Radio now, numbers keep going up in regards to confirmed cases of the virus, which could potentially force a second lockdown. If things continue to head on a downward spiral, at least we know Tory Lanez will keep us entertained and free of the virus. He just announced that Quarantine Radio may be nearing a return.

Previously noting that the Instagram Live series was retired for good, the Toronto native is now pondering his next moves for its second season.

"QUARANTINE RADIO SEASON 2 ... Might need to come back if this Quarantine keeps getting worse ..... just throwing that up in the air," tweeted the star, getting everyone excited about the possibility. "HASHTAG #QuarantineRadioSeason2  IF U WANNA SEE IT COME BACK."

The series was highly enjoyable, featuring cameos from Wiz Khalifa, Drake, and more. Tory Lanez also invited some of the baddest IG models to show off their twerk skills, holding a competition to crown the fiercest ass-shaker.

Tory Lanez Quarantine Radio
Cindy Ord/Getty Images

If the number of confirmed cases keeps getting higher, Tory may just stay indoors and get us going for another round.

What say you? Do you want a second season of Quarantine Radio or are you all Tory'd out for the next little bit?