North Carolina rapper Toosii has been on a tear as of late, striking gold on a few of his songs and coming up as one of the most impressive melodic rappers of his generation. He has an exciting catalog of music to his name and he's only getting started. While you would expect an artist in his position to be wildly confident about his journey, some people were taken aback by his recent claims that he feels like "the Drake" from the current batch of new rappers.

Paras Griffin/Getty Images

"I feel like the Drake of the upcoming artist," wrote Toosii on Twitter. "That’s tweet not up for debate though i said what i said."

As you could likely imagine, people were a little shocked at Toosii's claim. After his message was posted on DJ Akademiks' popular blog account, Louisville rapper 2KBABY spoke up and questioned the claim, commenting thinking emojis. "You disagree?" asked Toosii. "Sh*t I must be Michael Jackson of upcoming artist," said back 2KBABY, shading Toosii. "Respectfully you not hard tho!"

The exchange kicked off some back-and-forth between the two up-and-comers on Twitter, with Toosii saying 2KBABY isn't even the hottest rapper from his state. "You not even the hottest from kentucky. ain’t rubi rose from there?" he asked. "Hmmm how you figure??? Where you from again??? You not even the hottest in your house," hit back 2KBABY. "Go song for song with me please old streets," taunted Toosii. "Hmmm that one kill your whole catalog and I haven’t even dropped much," said 2K. "But like I said you hard tho gang just don’t see you fwm."

Toosii ended the battle by calling 2KBABY's new song with Marshmello "kids bop ass music". 

What do you make of this beef?