What began as a question about Kanye West and Kim Kardashian's impending divorce turned into Too $hort sharing his thoughts on marriage. The rapper gave his funny take while appearing on VladTV and noted that we need to abolish the system we have in place and instead allow people to weigh their options every five years to determine whether or not they want to proceed with the relationship.

Too Short, VladTV, Marriage, Divorce, Kanye, Kim KArdahsian
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"Divorce does not surprise me," Too $Short joked. "You come in here asking Too $hort about marriage ever f*ckin' time and then you sit here and run down the high-profile divorces and I'm sitting there telling you my version of what I think a union is." Then, he explained his views. "A union is when you get together and stay together."

"You want to know my opinion on this marriage sh*t? I think that we need to reevaluate this whole sh*t and marriage should be an agreement we go into," he said. "Sign this motherf*ckin' agreement. In five years, this automatically dissolves if you can't get two signatures to keep it going. So, if you both sign, you're in for another five years. At ten years, you need two signatures again. Once you get past ten, the sh*t is on forever."

Too Short, VladTV, Marriage, Divorce, Kim Kardashian, Kanye West
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He said his method gives people "two outs" at the five and ten-year marks. Vlad suggested if that is the case, there should be a five-year check-in for the remainder of the relationship. Too $hort wasn't with it. "Nah, 'cause motherf*ckas gon' be opting out way too late in the game," he joked. "You keep me in for ten I'm stayin'. F*ck that." He added that statistics say if you can make it 10 years, you have a better chance at staying together in a lifelong relationship.

Vlad couldn't stop laughing at Short Dog's commentary. "I'm just saying, you're asking the wrong motherf*cker about relationships and marriage," the rapper added. Watch Too $hort explain himself below and see what else he had to say about dipping into the cannabis industry.