TM88 has been behind the boards for countless jams, lacing hit records like Lil Uzi Vert's "XO Tour Life," Future's "Codeine Crazy," Young Thug's "Future Swag," and many more. In fact, there are some who might even name him among this generation's most consistent producers, an influential mind responsible for some of today's musical trends and patterns. Unfortunately, it would appear that TM has been feeling slighted of late, taking to Twitter to offer some thoughts on a double standard between producers and rappers.

Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images

"Is it me or Rappers don’t support producers like producers support rappers ?" he writes, and while he doesn't name names, it does feel as if the hitmaker is speaking from personal experience. Either way, it's interesting to hear his take on the dynamic between producers and rappers, a dynamic that has occasionally led to animosity in the past; issues can range from uncredited beats to improper distribution of royalties, but it's not exactly uncommon for producers to voice concerns with the way they've been treated in the past. 

Given how symbiotic the relationship between rapper and producer truly is -- I mean, think of your favorite rapper and you can bet there's an equally creative producer who played a role in shaping their sound. In the best-case scenarios, the creative relationship is explored and both parties benefit. Unfortunately, given that TM took the time to voice his annoyance, it would appear he's harboring some unresolved issues. Check out his take below, and sound off -- is he speaking facts? Do producers deserve more support from the rappers they help elevate?