The King Of The South, T.I., celebrated his thirty-ninth birthday yesterday and his family was quick to offer their best wishes to the legendary rapper. Hailing from Atlanta, the host of the ExpediTIously podcast got tons of love from his peers and his loved ones but it was Tiny Harris who issued the best gift.

The two have experienced their ups and downs as a couple but Tiny maintains the fact that she will stick around Tip's side until the end. She proved it again with her birthday message. "Happy birthday to my husband, my best friend," she wrote on Instagram. "Thank you for loving me like no one else can. As I’ve always said u are the man of my dreams. 20yrs strong & we loving on each other like we just met. Thank you for being the best you!! You complete me.. celebrating you everyday!!"

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

The singer closed out her message by inviting Tip to get a little raunchy on his special day, saying: "Now eat the 🎂 Big Daddy." While she could literally be talking about actual cake, the fact that she called him "Big Daddy" might signal that she's leaning more towards something else, if you catch my drift. The thoughtful message was accompanied by a series of boo'd up shots from over their longstanding relationship.

Happy belated birthday, T.I. Hope you enjoyed your cake.