T.I. is blessed in more ways than one, apparently. He's got a gift in the studio but according to his wife (and airport security) he's also pretty gifted... down there. The rapper posted some news about how travellers are now able to file lawsuits against the Transportation Security Administration for unnecessarily invasive screenings. In his caption, the Atlanta legend noted how, especially when he's taking early morning flights, he finds the security agents to be oddly handsy around his crotch area. He's excited to exercise his right to sue TSA the next time he gets violated at the airport but his wife, Tiny Harris, appears to be taking the side of the men and women working at the airport.


"I been wanting to sic a overpriced, high-profile & astute MOB of attorneys on Dey ass for rubbin & touchin my Johnson every time it alarms," wrote the successful rapper. Tip went on to say that, because of the violations he's occurred first-hand, he's actually missed flights. Tiny chimed in by saying that she doesn't necessarily blame the agents who take extra precaution against her husband. "That 🍆 do be looking like one tho," wrote the Xscape member, comparing his genitalia to a foreign object. Tip simply responded with a series of emojis: a facepalm, a wink, and others.

The news about people potentially being able to get their day in court against the TSA is great but... this is not the way we wanted to find out about it.