This seems to be something that celebrities are doing way more often than before. Before social media, if you wanted to contact your favorite recording artist, you would have needed to do some extreme research before actually coming across any leads and, even still, that's a little stalkerish. With Twitter and Instagram, things are a little bit easier. You can simply slide into somebody's direct messages and hope that they see your notification. Alternatively, you can find the people close to them and try your luck with someone's manager, photographer, or another member of their team. Juice WRLD felt generous yesterday, handing out his personal phone number to anybody that wanted to hit him up. It would appear as though Tinashe was inspired by the act of kindness, leaking her own contact information online and paying the price for it.

The talented singer warned fans that she might not be responding quickly, which makes total sense, but even she likely wasn't prepared for the fanfare that ensued. Nashe was bombarded with messages and she even proved that she was indeed the woman behind the madness, texting back a good chunk of her most loyal supporters.

She may not be responding anymore and, to be honest, we wouldn't be surprised if she changed her number. But give it a try and let us know if she comes through.