For decades, people have attempted to come up with ways to make navigating through the airport less of a headache. Companies have come up with travel games, apps, and a plethora of other distractions, but actress Tiffany Haddish has switched things up by using virtual reality. As she was being escorted by a member of her team through the airport, Haddish was spotted wearing a VR headset.

"I'm having a virtual experience guys," she told the paparazzi. That wasn't enough for the cameramen who were doing all they could to get a comment from her. They asked her about Dina Hashem, the comedienne who has been receiving an onslaught of backlash following her joke about rapper XXXTentacion death, and they wanted to know if she had any thoughts on A$AP Rocky. They even tried to says they'd help her with her bags, referring to when she called them out for harassing her at an airport but refusing to assist her when she needed help with her luggage. 

All the while, she ignored them, only answering when they asked where she was in her VR. "I'm a beautiful garden," she said. They pressed her and wanted to know the details, so they responded, "A garden of what?" She replied, "A garden of success." Of course, Haddish had to take the headset off as she made her way through security, but she said she intended on enjoying her VR scene when on her flight.