T.I. just put in some work on a recent compilation album, but it doesn't look like his days of releasing new tracks will be done anytime soon.

The veteran rapper spearheaded the latest Hustle Gang LP, titled We Want Smoke, in October. Featuring some standout tracks including "That Bag," the record served as a signal to the hip-hop world that Mr. Harris was far from ready to ride off into the quiet good night where his music career is concerned. For those who were more interested in Tip's solo work than his posse cuts, good news is here: based on a new Instagram post from late last night/early this morning, the emcee is currently in the midst of crafting another project, more than likely his next album. 

Captioning the photo simply with "As we speak," T.I. is pictured focused and pensive in a studio session alongside Scott Storch, the famed producer who has worked with the rapper before, along with big names like 50 Cent, Dr. Dre, Chris Brown, Snoop Dogg, Beyoncé and many more. With solo cups and snacks strewn about on a desk next to Storch's keyboard and console, it's clear that the session had been going on for a while and showed no signs of stopping. Dressed in a slick, fitted suit, T.I. had the air of a man who meant business, focused completely on his musical output and not letting any outside distractions bother him.

There's been no advance word on a release date or who Tip's other collaborators might be on the album, but given his reputation as one of the men who helped put the Southern rap sound on the map, there's little doubt that the final list of credits, both for featured artists and the production team, will be a star-studded collection of names. Check another picture from the session, courtesy of Storch's Instagram, below.

What is the one thing you're looking for from T.I.'s next album? Who should he be bringing on board as featured artists? Let your voice be heard in the comments.