Baltimore-born rapper TheHxliday is making some changes, switching up his aesthetic in recent weeks. During his performance at Rolling Loud in New York City, the rapper first debuted his brand new look, cutting off his dreads and premiering a new single, which sounds a little different from his older music. 

Throughout his rise to fame, the 19-year-old artist has collaborated with Polo G, Internet Money, and many more. He picked up the habit of releasing new music on holidays, helping fans celebrate the occasion with him as the soundtrack. He operates just well when there isn't a celebration going on though, as evidenced by his latest single "Doses," which came out on a random day in November.

As he heads into the next chapter of his music career, we caught up with TheHxliday backstage at Rolling Loud last month to speak about his new direction, growing up in Baltimore, his eclectic range of influences, support from his family, and more. 

Read the unabridged editorial copy of HNHH's interview with TheHxliday below.

Image by HNHH/@iamzjb

HNHH: What was it like growing up in Baltimore?

TheHxliday: It was great. It’s great vibes. It’s not really much going on out there [in music], but for the food, I love seafood, that soft-shelled crab... It’s cool out there, especially if you’re just doing your own shit, doing your own thing... nobody will bother you.

What’s it like to be back at Rolling Loud after the lockdown?

It’s great, bro. It’s honestly just refreshing to see all this shit happen again.

You just dropped your new single "Doses." What can you tell me about that record?

Bruh, it’s the most different song I feel like I’ve ever dropped. It’s completely different from anything I’ve done before, and I’m also aiming for a whole new look now, so I changed up my look. I cut the dreads off!

Obviously, you like to drop music on holidays— hence your name. Did you do anything special for Halloween this year?

I was Dead Presidents. We did a photoshoot for Halloween. It was hard as hell. 

How did that actually come together, releasing new music on holidays?

I was almost born on Christmas— I'm a Sagittarius. I was due on Christmas Day, but my mom had me on the 20th. It was early, so she could be home for my brothers and stuff. When I got into music, I wanted to keep that element. Every holiday, I drop songs. 

You come from a musical family. Your mom was a former musician. How integral was your family in setting you up for a successful music career? 

A large portion, I would say. My mom is really an inspiration for me getting into music. Also the music I was around all the time as a kid— a lot of alternative rock. Green Day, My Chemical Romance, all that. I love it.

Who else were you listening to growing up?

Justin Bieber. Bruno Mars. The Weeknd. Swae Lee... Rae Sremmurd, to be exact. 50 Cent a little bit.

Last year, you were all over Internet Money's album. What was it like working with them, and do you guys have more music coming?

That project, B4 The Storm, was a crazy project to be a part of. That was my first time ever going to Internet Money’s crib. They invited me. Taz [Taylor] is a cool ass dude. He was saying he f*cked with my music, he wanted to be a part of it. I went to the house for two songs, and those two songs were on the album. It’s crazy. We for sure gonna drop something multiple times. I feel like we should drop a solo project. 

Now that you have your new single out, is there an album coming soon? What's happening before the end of the year?

End of the year, I’m blowing up. I’m going number one. There’s a video coming. I got two songs on the way for sure. It’s gonna be crazy.

Image by HNHH/@iamzjb

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