He's often dropping his bits of inspiration for his Monday Motivation series and takes time to chat with fans who support his work, but when The Game tells you to give him some space, it's probably best that you listen. The rapper is often spotted by paparazzi as he makes his way around town and Game usually stops to answer their questions, but like any other person, he's not always in the mood to be followed by cameras and bright lights.

Kevin Winter/Getty Images

The Game was recently out when cameramen saw him and shined a bright light in his face as they filmed him. "I don't want none of this," the rapper said as he told the photographers to put their cameras away. It was obvious by the look on his face that he was serious, but the man with the light and the camera stayed on him. The Game approached one cameraman and repeatedly asks, "Are you not listening to me, bro?" The photographer says, "I'm just standing here... Okay, chill out."

"No, I'm not chillin' out," Game responds, obviously irritated with the exchange. "Get your f*ckin' camera out my face. I just told you I'm not in the mood, so put your camera down. Y'all don't get it. I'm always chill, bro. I had a death in my family, I don't f*ckin' feel like it today. Don't disrespect me." The cameraman said he wasn't being disrespectful, but Game let him know he was because he didn't just put the camera down when he asked the first time. The rapper revealed that he's mourning the death of his aunt and, understandably, just wanted to be left alone. He told the man if they continued to go about things the way they were, they would see a different Game they don't want to be unleashed. Check out the clip below.