The Game's beef with 50 Cent was the biggest hip-hop beef of their era. Although the feud was only about 4 years removed from when Jay-Z and Nas' epic showdown hit its peak, 50 and Game's issues defied music and led to actual shootouts. The rappers called a truce, but it was short-lived. Imagine what could have been if The Game and Fif' had played nice? G-Unit may have become the biggest record label of the decade. Instead, The Game helped dismantle G-Unit slowly, and Fif' jumped into other business ventures. 

The Game sat down on the People’s Party podcast with Talib Kweli recently, and admitted that's he would be down to make music with Fif' again. "If me and Fifty never had a beef, we might be billionaires," states Game. "He knew what to do, I knew what to do, we put our voices together and that shit made magic," he continued, speaking on their musical history and chemistry. "I got songs with me and Fifty that are still on hard drives at my house that are timeless." Game went on to claim that he loves Power and admires Fif', but his dismantling of G-unit is something he doesn't believe Curtis will ever forget. Check out the interview below.