The-Dream Gives Us A Frat Party Analogy When Breaking Down Jay-Z & Kanye West "WTT" Dynamic

Alex Zidel
September 27, 2019 12:50

The-Dream has one of the most iconic voices in music. Hear his stories.

The-Dream has songwriting credits for so many of your favorite artists. It's not even worth it to dive into who he's worked with. In fact, it's probably easier to name the folks that he hasn't linked up with. On the latest episode of The Plug, the talented songwriter and vocalist sat down to discuss some of the high points of his career, going in-depth on the moment he found out he would be working with Britney Spears, speaking on his personal inspirations, and detailing just how different Jay-Z and Kanye West's musical processes are.

One of the most interesting parts of The-Dream's exclusive interview with us deals with his work on Watch The Throne. The historic album from Hov and Ye is still in our regular playlists with timeless hits continuing to wow us over and over again. Dream says that from the moment he heard "N***as in Paris," he knew it would be a hit. He just wasn't sure if the artists involved actually knew. "I remember calling my friend on the phone like 'Yo, my god, they got a smash, I don't know if they know that it's a smash.' Of course, it ended up being a smash," he said.

As for the differences in their styles, Dream says that they're both perfectionists and likened their personalities to two guys at a frat party. "Jay is a perfectionist too," said Dream. "He's just a different type of perfectionist. He just shows up to the party with the beer already. He doesn't get to the party and then realize there's no beer there. Those are the two different ways they both work. That's the analogy of them. We're throwing this huge frat party. Jay and Kanye is coming. Kanye comes to find out what's needed. Jay kind of just thinks about what's needed from him before he gets there. It's literally that."

Elsewhere in the interview, The-Dream details the differences between writing songs for himself and writing for other artists. He also speaks on working with Beyoncé, calling their time together one of the most "delightful" experiences in his career. 

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