When Tech 9, not to be confused with Tech N9ne, passed away this year, fans reached out to the friends and family members of the battle rapper and commentator. His cause of death had not been reported at the time and it's still been undetermined but after hearing of the allegations made against the late rapper, fans are starting to believe that he took his own life.

Yesterday, it was reported that Tech 9 was due in court the day after his death to be arraigned in a child pornography case. An underaged girl had previously come forward to accuse Tech of sexual abuse, detailing what he had allegedly done to her. The girl claims that the rapper, whose real name isΒ Akhiym Mickens, forced her to undress in front of him while he masturbated. She reportedly also told police that Mickens threatened his way into her room with a knife and attempted to coerce her into touching his genitals. If this is true, Tech 9 clearly had some serious issues. The allegations have caused his fanbase to pull a 180,Β reconsidering their condolences and assuming that the man passed away by suicide.

There are no current documents supporting the fan speculation that Tech 9 committed suicide. As of now, it's only a theory that his supporters have come up with. Until an official cause of death has been ruled, the specifics of Tech 9's passing will not be clear. With the report that his court date was the day after his death, it makes sense why people would assume it was suicide.