This morning, it was reported that legendary battle rapper Tech 9 had passed away this weekend. The Philadelphia spitter, not to be confused with Tech N9ne, was well-respected in the battle rap community, transitioning over the years to a commentary spot with Ultimate Rap League. Members of the hip-hop community are genuinely shook after hearing the news with many of Tech's peers sending love to his friends and family on social media. Mainstream rap artists have also taken to Twitter and Instagram to share their memories with Tech 9, telling stories about his hilarious personality and mourning his loss online.

Kendrick Lamar was one of several rappers to share his thoughts, grieving publically. "Condolences to the family of the late great Tech9 of philly. Rest well," he wrote. Others, like King Los, were having trouble processing the news. "Not tech 9 .... please !!!! Somebody tell me something good," wrote Los. Joe Budden was equally as devastated, telling his followers that this was not the way he wanted to wake up this morning. 

While most people are too upset to even process their emotions, Denzel Curry is already looking back at just how fierce Tech 9 was on the mic. "One of the funniest and illest battle rappers I've seen," said the Florida spitter. Rest in peace to a real battle rap icon, Tech 9.