Whew, boy. Usher has certainly ruffled a few feathers. While speaking with Swizz Beatz about the Verzuz series, Swizz mentioned that there has been an overwhelming amount of requests to see Nicki Minaj face-off with Lil Kim. Usher replied, "Nah, see...Nicki is a product of Kim." The pair weren't able to explore that conversation because Swizz spoke over him to say that Usher was already trending on Twitter.

Unsurprisingly, Nicki Minaj fans responded swiftly to the R&B singer's remarks, and later, Tamar Braxton passionately weighed in on the topic. "I think of them as two different entities," Tamar said. "I don't give a damn, what come, what may, Lil Kim did not give Nicki Minaj her talent. So, therefore, who are you to take Nicki Minaj talents away from her?... You can't get too involved with the Barbz or the Queen Bees, I don't know the stans, but you can't get too involved with it because that's not fair."

Tamar added that both Nicki Minaj and Lil Kim helped pave the way for this generation's women in rap as she continued to criticize anyone who draws comparisons to "discredit [Nicki's] talent." Swipe through to watch Tamar Braxton share her opinions below.