Top Dawg Entertainment singer SZA shared some tragic news yesterday. In a series of now-deleted tweets, SZA says that her vocal chords have been permanently damaged, and that her priorities have been fucked up as a result. 

These revelations come after SZA was pulled of TDE's Championship Tour, with the original plan being for her to rest for a few shows in order to prevent any permanent damage to her vocal chords. However, it seems those efforts were in vain. After touring non-stop for almost a year, and having to use steroids just to deal with the strain on her vocal chords, SZA ended up paying the price. 

In trying times, it's valuable to have people supporting you, and it appears that Anthony "Top Dawg" Tiffith, founder and CEO of Top Dawg Entertainment, is willing to do whatever it takes to help SZA get her voice back. This morning, Top quote tweeted a fan expressing their concern over SZA's voice and her future in music. 

"thank you....i will get her with the best doctors and she will be fine...#TDE," Top wrote, in response to the fan. 

It points to the strength of TDE as a label that, even as their roster of artists continues to find success, they still act as a family and are willing to help each other out when they're in need. Hopefully SZA can come back from her injury in order to keep pursuing music, but in a safer way this time around.