If you've been following the latest from the TDE camp, you may be aware that SZA has been pulled from the ongoing Championship Tour, with Top Dawg citing swollen vocal chords as the main cause. Now, SZA herself has taken to Instagram to address her health issues, which sound even more worrisome than initially expected.

"For anyone who hasn’t seen this . I’ve been touring for 11 months. This didn’t happen overnight . Ive been troubleshooting for a while now and Usually steroids and pushing through help. They don’t this time . I’m not sick my voice just won’t fucking work," she says.  "If I don’t pause now I’ll be forced to pause permanently . I’m genuinely sorry for every face,voice ,and energy field I won’t be touching ! I’m literally taking as many steroids as I can to speed this up!! Its a waiting game and super weird to be blamed for stuff outta my control but I get it !" 

It's sad to see fans holding it against her, especially if there is truly a chance for permanent damage. From the sound of it, SZA seems to be pounding back steroids in an effort to remedy the situation, but there's no telling if that will bear any positive effect; in fact, as with any instance of frequent drug use, it might ultimately do more harm than good. Hopefully SZA can take the time she needs, and not feel obligated to rush the healing process. The game still needs her.